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Our motto is to Create Healing Spaces
Happy Faces...

Our goal is to “create healing spaces and happy faces” for children who are experiencing extended hospital stays. We bring fun, themed room décor to their hospital room, to help lift the spirits of the child and their parents. We have a team of of volunteers and board members who are committed to helping these children, and share the same love and desire to make a difference in our community.

~ Our Cause...

Rock’n Rooms is a 501c3 non-profit organization founded in 2012. We deliver fun room baskets to children at Doernbecher, Randall Children’s and Shriners Hospital and others in the Portland, Oregon area. We support the children who are fighting cancer and other life threatening illnesses who require extended hospital stays. Our mission is to make a child’s hospital stay a bit brighter with comforting room décore.

We hold Fundraisers to purchase room décor such as; lights, themed sheets and blankets, wall decals, pillow pets, bag buddies (IV bag covers), stuffed animals, colorful bath towels, Brica snack pods, and much, much more. We strive to raise awareness in our community and to help children and their families as they deal with a variety of illnesses on a difficult journey.

  • 97% of all funds raised are used to purchase items to decorate the rooms of children battling childhood diseases.
  • Our Board of Directors are all volunteers and we have no paid staff.

Our Foundation
~ Brady's Story...

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BradySome of the most painful words any parent can hear are “Your child has cancer.”  Those are the words we heard from the doctor about our 2 year old son Brady in May 2011.  Brady’s diagnosis was stage 1V Neuroblastoma, an aggressive childhood cancer of the nervous system.  On May 8, 2011 Brady’s journey with cancer began.  That journey included 6 rounds of chemotherapy, 20 rounds of radiation, surgery, a stem cell transplant, and 6 rounds of immunotherapy.  There was also a DFMO trial that took us to San Diego every 3 months for 2 years.  Brady spent a total of 37 weeks inpatient on the cancer floor at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital.  He was treated by some of the very best doctors, nurses, and hospital staff that you could ever ask for.  We were also so blessed to have wonderful family, friends, and neighbors help and support us during that difficult time.

When Brady was scheduled to have his stem cell transplant, we were told that his hospital stay would be anywhere from 4-8 weeks long.  I decided that if he was going to be in a hospital room for such a long time, I wanted to make his room bright and cheerful.  I chose a circus theme and decorated his room with lights, banners, a big top tent, a trapeze, and many other fun, colorful items.  Brady loved his room!  It seemed to really lift his spirits, and it was also therapeutic for me to focus on something positive, rather than my own fear and anxiety.

Brady's Decorated Hospital Room

After Brady’s room was decorated, the other children on the cancer floor would pass by his room and stop to look inside.  They really liked it!  One day I heard a little girl say something that I will never forget, and was to be a life changing moment for me.  She said “I wish my room looked like that”.  I thought to myself “Why can’t her room look like that”?  “In fact, why can’t all of these children have bright, cheerful hospital rooms”?  And so it began.  Little by little when I was out shopping I would pick up some fun wall decals or lights for the children.  When I saw how happy it made them, I started adding other items too.  Then I enlisted the help of family and friends, and pretty soon we were buying sheets, blankets, pillow pets, arts and crafts items, and much more.  We became a real 501-C-3 charity, and I named it Rock’n Rooms.  Although we started at Doernbecher, we are now at 3 other area hospitals as well. Parents or family of any child who will have a hospital stay of 3 weeks or longer can request a room basket for the child on our website, and it will be delivered to the child’s hospital room.

Brady is now 4 years out of treatment and is doing great!  He will turn 7 years old in June, and loves school, playing soccer, and hanging out with his older brothers.  I love to share his story with parents of children who are newly diagnosed and in treatment because it gives them hope.  It is not an easy journey, but with the love and support of others, we can get through it.  The families we have met who have a child with cancer have become our extended family.  We lift each other up, we share information, we cry together, and we truly care.  Each family has touched my life is some way, and I carry their story in my heart, along with Brady’s.

— Valerie Morton

Our Team

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Valerie Morton...

Valerie's youngest son was diagnosed with cancer in 2011, and it was during his stem cell transplant that she decided to decorate his hospital room. Hearing the other children on the cancer floor say that they wished their rooms looked like his, made her start thinking about how she could make that happen. She founded Rock'n Rooms in 2012, and is dedicated to helping all local children with extended hospital stays, giving them a "rock'n room" to help them get through a tough time. Valerie is a wife and a soccer mom to 4 busy boys.

Joan Shepherd...

Joan Shepherd has an extensive background in non-profit and private foundation leadership. Prior to joining Rock-n-Rooms, Joan managed the distribution of her own and others handmade quilts benefiting the Hillsboro Elks' Fallen Solider program and Casey Eye Institute at OHSU. Joan is a two-time breast cancer survivor and uses her experience to heighten understanding of the disease to others. Joan has run (3) successful golf tournament fundraisers benefiting the Susan G. Komen Foundation. Joan has also created “Bag Buddies” for Rock’n Rooms, these are fun fabric covers that go over children’s IV and Chemo bags. Joan is a great asset to Rock’n Rooms, and brings her caring attitude and compassion for helping others to the families and children who need it the most.

Pam Fuentes...

Pam Fuentes began her passion for volunteering as a Girl Scout in the 1960’s and that passion has grown ever since. During her career at Intel Corporation, she participated in Community Activities such as Adopt-A-Family, the Oregon Food-bank, Indigo Rescue and providing maintenance at Hillsboro Parks. Pam joined the Hillsboro Elks 11 years ago and was Exalted Ruler (President) 2012-2013 and has chaired a multitude of committees including Christmas baskets, Children’s Easter, Halloween and Christmas parties and many, many more. Pam joined the Rock’n Rooms team in 2014 and is very dedicated to their motto of “creating healing spaces and happy faces”.

Robin Jasper...

Robin Jasper understands the importance of creating a healing space for a child. Her grandson spent a total of 37 weeks hospitalized for cancer treatment. She is committed to giving each local child with an extended hospital stay a room that will be comforting and uplifting for them. “A hospital can be a scary place for a child. We’d like to help brighten their spirits by surrounding them with things that bring them comfort”. Robin has been with Rock’n Rooms since it began in 2012. She is a proud grandmother of 8 grandchildren.

Deb Roark...

Deb Roark has an extensive, lifelong background as a volunteer and professional for 2 dozen non-profit organizations such as Ronald McDonald House Charities and SET Family Medical Clinics serving as a Volunteer Programs Coordinator and a Community Relations Programs Coordinator. She has also worked in medical, dental and Cancer clinics for decades. In 2016 she met and was inspired by Valerie Morton the Founder of Rock’n Rooms and her testimony and mission and decided to volunteer to help create more community awareness to help more children be comforted throughout their extended hospital stays.

Al Roark...

Al Roark, with a 30-year career in computer information systems work also has an extensive background as a community volunteer. He has volunteered for 10 years as a first responder/first responder instructor, 5 years as an Emergency Room volunteer patient advocate, 7 years as a volunteer Probation Officer and 8 years as a victim’s advocate /chaplain for the Sheriff’s Office. Al is also a member of several volunteer organizations where he volunteers his time to assist wherever needed. He met the founder of Rock'n Rooms, Valerie Morton in 2016 and learned that her organization needed a computer expert to volunteer to redesign and maintain the website. Al is also assisting Rock'n Rooms with developing the community awareness documents such as business cards, brochures, posters, event flyers etc.

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Charity Events

Charity Events

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Robin Jasper – Secretary

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Pam Fuentes – Treasurer

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