Rock’n Rooms Basket Qualifications

Your child must meet the four conditions below to qualify for a Rock’n Rooms Basket.

  • Your child must be a patient at a hospital in the Portland Oregon area.
  • Your child must have an extended hospital stay of three or more weeks.
  • Child must be 1 year or older.

  • Due to high demand, we are only able to provide a room basket to a child one time (even if there are future hospitalizations).

Rock'n Room Baskets

Request a Basket Form

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You should receive an email that your form was received by us. If you do not, please check your spam folder first, then follow-up with us at 503-970-9432 (General Basket Inquiries 48 hours after submitting a request.)

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Top Three (3) Themes that your child would like. If your child uses a crib, please make your selection from those marked "Bedding for Crib".

Additional Comments IE: Child's Special Needs